Multiple Amines Offer Various Solutions

In order to be ready for processing, natural gas needs to contain less than 4% of inert gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide. The removal of carbon dioxide, in particular, is critical to the protection of the pipeline system from corrosive damage. Traditionally, acid gas removal has served as the primary method for carbon dioxide removal, but there are now other chemical absorption methods that are being utilized. Amine sweetening encompasses the use of cross heat exchangers, reboilers, high-pressure pumps, and absorbers. Membrane separation is another method that may be employed.

When hydrogen sulfide removal is required, the removal process often involves the selective use of tertiary and removal amines. The careful selection of the right amines for the job cannot be underscored enough. This is primarily due to the fact that each amine possesses its own unique concentration, temperature, and envelope of pressure. Each option also possesses its own energy efficiency. By working with a company that is experienced in amine gas treating, you can be assured that the right product for the job at hand is chosen to result in a cost-effective and efficient treatment solution.

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